Our Approach

Financial Independent Coaching was created to help families take back control of their financial situation through education.  We're focused on helping families in the areas of financial empowerment, entrepreneurship by way of talent discovery and development, and creating a mindset for success.

Our Story

F.I. Coaching is the brainchild of Markeda Newby and Steve Drexler.  After having worked in the financial services industry together they decided to put substance before sales and create a life and financial coaching business formed around one core idea ... that financial independence is for everyone regardless of background, race, or sex.

Meet the Team

All great organizations rise and fall on leadership and ours is no exception.  We've assembled the best team to make sure that Financial Independence Coaching is the top business in our field.


Markeda Newby

Founder & CEO

CEO and Founder of Financial Independence Coaching, Markeda Newby, is a passionate, driven leader. Her vision is for families and individuals to succeed in life by developing a mindset for success. Her personal experience of being raised in Cabrini Green, one of the worst project in the US, gives her a down to earth relatability with those she serves. At the same time, her experience as a Regional Vice President with one of CitiGroup’s subsidiaries allows her to bring a ‘Wall Street education’ to those living on a Main Street budget.


Steve Drexler

Co-founder and CFO

Steve Drexler is the ‘paper pusher’ for Moving Beyond Hope. With an accounting background and extensive experience in the light manufacturing, lodging, retail, transportation, and financial services industries, he is solidly positioned to serve as the CFO for Financial Independence Coaching.

Sharon Ealy

Sharon Ealy

Executive Assistant

Sharon Ealy is our amazing Executive Assistant.  She attends community events with Markeda and assists her with networking opportunities.  Sharon also helps train and coordinate our staff and helps drive the success of our business.  Her focus on developing a winning mindset is what puts her in an entirely new category of leadership.  Our organization is larger and stronger with her leading the charge for our team.

Next Steps...

Do you have a deep burning desire to achieve financial independence?  If so, let's sit down for a preliminary evaluation to see what your first step can be towards creating a truly financially successful life.