Who We Are

Want to get to know us a little better?  Here are a couple of stories about who we are and how we got started.  You can even read about how our leadership team got started and what they're up to now!

Our Approach

F.I. University Graduation

Congratulations on taking one of the biggest steps in organizing your own personal financial future!  Understand and believe that you already have more than what it takes to grab the reins of your finances and control your financial destiny.  By becoming a part of our F.I. Family, you have put yourself in position to change your life and harness the skills that serve you so well in all the other areas of your life. What it comes down to is knowing what to do and what not to do and having the conviction and confidence to go out and do it.   We'll show you what it looks like to set attainable goals and work toward them to set up your financial freedom!

Our Story

Back in 2009 Markeda Newby and Steve Drexler were working together for one of CitiGroup's subsidiaries when they realized that, although they were having huge success there, something was missing.  Although the company talked about teaching and educating their clients about their finances, that took a backseat to selling financial products.  Markeda and Steve's desire to place financial education first put them at odds with the company's business model and policies.  Deciding that they couldn't realize their dream of bringing Wall Street's financial know-how to Main Street, they decided to strike out on their own and create a company that put 'everyday finances' in front of everything they did.  That's how Financial Independence Coaching was born.

Meet the Team

We're so proud of our Dream Team!  All of us work very hard to help the families of our community and to make a difference in the world.  Let us introduce you to the people who made F.I. Coaching an amazing company!

Markeda at Giant Eagle2

Markeda Newby

Founder & Former CEO

Markeda Newby was an ‘inspirational educator’ living in Akron, Ohio with her husband Chris, their son Markese, and their little furry daughter, Princess Diana.  She was the passionate CEO and Founder of F.I. Coaching which helps families take back control of their financial situation through education and empowerment.

Career Accomplishments

Regional Vice President, Citigroup Subsidiary, Primerica Financial Services

When you think of getting a ‘college education’ you usually think of Akron U, or Kent State, or Stark State.  Well, Markeda went to the ‘college of business’ at a subsidiary of Citigroup, the largest financial corporation in the world.  At Primerica she learned to turn complicated financial principles into ‘everyday language’ that everyone can understand.  She also learned how to build one of the most successful financial services offices in the State of Ohio through discovering and developing her staff’s passion for helping others achieve financial independence.

Ceo/Founder, Financial Independence Coaching, LLC

After reaching the top of her game at Primerica, Markeda decided to turn her attention back to her roots and help those families who might not have access to the financial products and services that the wealthy do, the ‘middle class.’  Using the skills she had learned at Primerica, Markeda founded Financial Independence Coaching on the principle that “Ignorance is expensive” and that “If people knew better, they would do better.”  She focused F.I. Coaching on educating and empowering her clients rather than just putting them into high-commission complicated products.  Hundreds of families throughout dozens of workshops and seminars learned to take back control of their financial situation through education and hard work.

Executive Director/Founder, Moving Beyond Hope, Inc.

With the development of two successful financial businesses under her belt, Markeda decided to tackle the next challenge she’s passionate about, helping families in the areas of financial education, talent discovery and development, and developing a mindset for success.  She founded the non-profit Moving Beyond Hope as way for families to raise their eyes off the ground and show them the opportunities that surround them every day.  Her goal isn’t to give these families a hand-out but a hand-up to a successful, independent life they can be proud of.

Internet Host, Monday Moments With Markeda Podcast

Markeda partnered with Ace Epps at Akron Community Voice to bring her weekly Monday podcast to the world.  This amazing show covers everything from money to marriage to developing a mindset for success.  You can listen to her recorded shows at akroncommunityvoice.podbean.com/

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Steve Drexler

Founder and Current CEO

Steve Drexler is the ‘paper pusher’ for F.I. Coaching. With an accounting background and extensive experience in the light manufacturing, lodging, retail, transportation, and financial services industries, he is solidly positioned to serve as the CFO and new CEO.

Career Accomplishments

Senior Regional Manager, Citigroup Subsidiary, Primerica Financial Services

When you think of financial services, you probably think of someone like Steve.  Steve loves math, money, and managing businesses.  He has a passion for explaining investments and in taking complicated financial topics and turning them into ‘everyday English’ for his clients.

While climbing the corporate ladder at Primerica, Steve helped hundreds of his clients onto the path of financial independence.  He hired, trained, and developed many up-and-coming leaders to open offices and expand the Primerica brand throughout Northeast Ohio.

CFO/Founder, Financial Independence Coaching, LLC

After having worked with Markeda in building the Primerica brand and market share in Northeast Ohio, Steve decided to join her in starting their own financial coaching business they named Financial Independence Coaching.  He took the skills he learned at Primerica and, under Markeda’s amazing vision, built a robust business system formed around an ‘education first’ mission.  With the motto “If they knew better, they would do better” as his guide, Steve developed the business’ core curriculum at F.I. Coaching around their Home Run Plan concept.  Hundreds of families later, Steve’s curriculum continues to change the future of families for generations to come.

Director of Finance & Administration, Moving Beyond Hope, Inc.

After helping hundreds of families become financially educated and empowered through the system he built at F.I. Coaching, Steve took the concept to the next level when he and Markeda turned their sights to the non-profit world.  Using Markeda’s experiences growing up in poverty in Chicago, Steve helped create the poverty-breaking three-legged stool concept which focuses on financial empowerment, talent discovery and development, and creating a mindset for success.

Next Steps...

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