What We’ve Been Up To

We love getting out in the community and meeting new Family Members.  Whether it's at a church, a hotel, a convention center, or a social event, we love educating and empowering families!

Workshops & Seminars

F.I. University Class

F.I. University Graduation

We had an incredible time teaching this exclusive class of students our Home Run Plan course.  It was a one-weekend 16-hour intense course on 'everyday finances' taught by our Former CEO and Founder Markeda Newby.  At the end each student received a personally signed graduation certificate from her.

Workshops & Seminars

Dream For a Day

Dream for a Day Workshop

Many people have dreams as children but put them aside as adults when life knocks them down.  Well, we host an amazing one-day workshop called Dream For a Day that teaches our students to dream again.  We let them know that within them are talents and skills they can tap into to create an incredible life.

Workshops & Seminars

Financial Freedom Locker Room

Financial Freedom Locker Room Boot Camp

Sometimes our students need a tough environment to thrive in and that's when we host one of our intense boot camps.  These students want to make a quantum leap in their finances and in their lives.  That's when we hold an 8-week in-your-face no-holds-barred Financial Freedom Locker Room.